Why work with us

exolerate consulting company
We believe in the effectiveness of our advice.
We genuinely think that understanding the clients’ needs, expectations, and capabilities should match our highest professionalism when we provide counsel.
Our clients are successful because we prefer to stick to the facts, and to reduce uncertainties.
We assist clients in properly interacting and communicating their interactions with a wide range of stakeholders.
We search, select, analyze and provide relevant information for the investment projects our clients are pursuing on the local market.
We help our clients in their resource planning activities.
We assess economic and reputability risks generated and/or related to interaction with third parties.
We help clients design the optimal systems of data management, information protection, cybersecurity, and physical security.

What we do

data management

Who we are

exolerate management consulting company
We are a business management and consulting company that helps business leaders to be successful while running companies from various domains, such as agriculture, banking, digital marketing, defense, and cybersecurity.
We rely on senior professionals with an accumulated work experience of more than 100 years, from intelligence and security field, administration, public affairs, administrative law, dispute resolution on public and private matters, IT, communication and private security.
All our team-members have been into leading roles, successfully running their organisations, often through challenging times of cultural transition and corporate transformation.

Let's synchronise some goals and actions!

Tell us a bit about your business and the next big thing you aim at.
We'll reciprocate with a good advice, backed by a special coffee.